The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox have been making Swiss Army Knives since 1884 and have a reputation to match no other. The swiss Army Knife is instantly recognisable all over the world. Whether it is a simple pocket knife, or a multi-tool, or even both, the swiss army knife is something no man, woman, or child should be without.

The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

swiss army knife

The Victorinox SWISSCHAMP XAVT 80 Swiss Army Knife is the absolute ultimate in knives. It is made to the highest standards, and has eighty tools in one. It is made with the precision engineering you can only find in the Switzerland, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What do you get the man or woman who has everything? A Swiss Army Knife that also has everything.

This outstanding tool was designed and created to celebrate Victorinox supplying knives to the Swiss Army for 125 years. If ever there was a brad known for its high quality then it is Victorinox. The white cross in a shield, on a red background is known all over the world, and is used by campers, bushcrafters, fishermen, and just about everyone who might have need of a tool.

If you need it, this knife has it.

It isn’t just the Swiss Army that use this knife. NASA Astronauts are issued with a Swiss Army Knife as part of their standard equipment, so it is fair to say that the swiss army knife is out of this world.

Whether you need a sharp and durable blade, a saw for wood or metal, a flathead, phillips, or posidrive screwdriver this amazing tool has it. It has magnifying glasses, scissors, corkscrews, bottle openers, and much more besides. It is the ultimate version, of the ultimate knife.

Now is the time to get one, this Swiss Army Knife is currently available on Amazon with an unprecedented 20% off the recommended retail price.